I guess this is where the title goes

Tis, I simon belont

Tis, I simon belont

Some pokemon

Some pokemon

Me: So, you say I need experience to get experience?

Manager: Yes.

Me: How exactly does that work?

Manager: It means you have to look somewhere else for a job

Me: Fuck! *walks out of Victoria Secret*

Me: Sexiest!

Storm’s Flurry up a Broken Heart

During the rain I would usually stare out my window. The storm that I notice is fastly approaching my home reminds of the times of heartbreak and loss. Though in my philosophy, love and loss are the two most powerful feelings we as humans feel. I ponder about how those experiences have helped me to formulate my current life. Lonely I am, very, very lonely. For quite a while, I have not felt the warm embrace of love. I write and speak of the wonderful bohemien ideals of love and beauty, but I have almost lost all my first-hand experience of love. I have become an expert on heartbreak and loss. I can also tell you the pain of loneliness. In ny dreams, I hope and wish for the love of another. As I write this my tea grows cold and the sunlight begins to pierce the dark of the storm clouds. The storm flurried up my past, but this sunlight rejuvenates my thoughts that hope is for me. I may feel the sweet embrace of love again.

When I’m bored

For some reason when I’m bored I like to get on sims and act like I have a real family and responsibility.

I decided to be a 1920’s American paperboy for a day. What does tumblr think of it?

I decided to be a 1920’s American paperboy for a day. What does tumblr think of it?

“The strongest feeling you’ll ever feel, is the warm embrace of love.”
— Quinten Spires

Love this song




do people in the doctor who fandom say “i have a doctor appointment” as an accuse to not hang out with friends and watch doctor who instead because i would

Oh god. I need to start doing this

yes this

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Bald This Way

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